4 Cycle Solution Review – Is Shaun Hadsall’s Fat Loss Program Good?

by admin on October 22, 2012

If you are looking for a Shaun Hadsall 4 Cycle Solution review then you are in the right spot. I have bought the program and I show you everything you get with it in the video below my review. Check it out and then get your copy or go to the official site here.

Oh No!  Not Another “Scientifically Proven” Diet That Let’s You Eat Carbs And Raises Your Metabolism To Ensure You Never Have To Worry About Weight Loss Again…!

Yep – we’re pretty sure that, just like us, you’ve got somewhat cynical about the latest! Never-before seen! Guaranteed to change your life! Solution to getting the body you’ve always dreamed of. So when Shaun Hadsall says 4 cycle solution review 4 Cycle Solution Review   Is Shaun Hadsalls Fat Loss Program Good?that his 4 Cycle Solution will do just that, then we heaved a metaphorical sigh of resignation – that’s for sure.

But (and this is a big but!), Mr. Hadsall is certainly no fly-by-night in the world of fitness and nutrition. So we decided to give him the benefit of the doubt, and the chance to change our world-weary view of yet another fat loss solution to come to market.

Cue a deep and dirty look at 4 Cycle Solution, where we uncover the real truth about the diet solution that’s got the fitness world abuzz…

What do you get for your money?
So 4 Cycle Solution is, not-surprisingly – based on the 4 “proven’ cycles of fat loss. |These are as follows:

  • Cycle 1 – 7 Day Carb Depletion: this is all about reprogramming and “fixing” your metabolism. This is because one of the main reasons it’s so difficult for many to lose stubborn fat is that your metabolism simply uses easy to get energy (such as protein and sugar), rather than breaking down the fat stores and using them.
  • Cycle 2 – Macro Patterning: a complicated name for something that’s actually quite simple. This is where your metabolism builds on the first cycle, and learns to use fat and carbs on a daily basis as a fuel source.
  • Cycle 3 – Accelerated Fat Loss: this is where you undertake a tried and tested meal plan that allows you to easily control your energy stores and stay losing that stubborn fat.
  • Cycle 4 – The Diet Break: by now your body will have overcome its adaptive responses to burning fat. This fourth cycle will show you how to have cheat days – meaning that you can truly enjoy the foods you want at the weekends (in fact, this can even accelerate your fat loss efforts).

All this information is provided to you in the form of manuals, supplementation guides and mp3 audio, meaning that whichever way you enjoy learning you can take full advantage. And there’s also a quick start kit and pre-planning checklist so you can be fully prepared before you get started, as well as beginning the first stage of your new body in double quick time.

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Who is it for?
Well, naturally 4 Cycle Solution is aimed at those who have a bit (or a lot) of weight to lose. And of course, it’s perfect for these groups. However, we think that the marketing team has missed out on another niche group; and that’s those who might already be at the weight they want to be.

You see, the problem is that it’s decidedly difficult in the 21st century to eat a diet that doesn’t allow the pounds to creep on. So by ensuring that you’re eating in the correct manner before you put on the weight will mean that your metabolism remains as it should and that you never have an issue with stubborn fat later in life.

Men or women, young or old, fat or thin – 4 Cycle Solution can not only help you have that svelte figure you so desire, but keep you healthy on the inside as well.

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Who is Shaun Hadsall?
shaun hadsall 4 Cycle Solution Review   Is Shaun Hadsalls Fat Loss Program Good?Mr. Hadsall is one of the US’s fat loss experts, and was voted America’s “Most Fit” health and fitness Pro in 2008. He was also the Body For Life Grand Champion 1st runner up, as well as being the guy that’s helped a ton of people drop those ugly pounds AND manage to keep them off.

In fact, it’s this very aspect that makes people clamor to understand his fat loss methods. Because Shaun’s clients don’t just lose the weight and get that body they dream of, but they manage to stay that way. And that happens because they not only change their diet, but change their whole attitude towards nutrition. It’s that one important aspect that makes all the difference.

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The Pros

  • Well, in our humble opinion, the very best thing about 4 Cycle Solution is that this is not just a “quick fix.” No, this is a complete lifestyle and body makeover change that will impact far more than just seeing you lose that ugly body fat. By changing your complete attitude towards nutrition, you’ll not only drop the pounds, but you’ll become healthier, have more energy, better skin, hair and nails and generally have a far better lust for life…
  • This is a nutrition plan that anyone can take on board. No matter how poor your diet is at present; no matter how much weight you have to lose; no matter how old or young you might be, the 4 Cycle Solution works for everyone.
  • The presentation manuals are well-written, fun to read and easy to follow.
  • Because 4 Cycle Solution changes the way your body uses the food you give it, you honestly can have the odd cheat day to no bad effect. And this is a great psychological boost for most of us – knowing that there are never any “banned” foods that we can never eat again.

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The Cons

  • Okay – so no-one ever said that losing weight and body fat was going to be easy. You do need some willpower to continue with the program, but then there’s no better motivation than seeing the fat melt away to give you every inspiration you needed.

The Bottom Line
Well – we have to take our hat off to Shaun Hadsall, because 4 Cycle Solution is possibly one of the most effective nutrition programs to hit the shelves for a long time. And we love the fact that it’s just as suitable for those who’re just at the beginning of their weight loss journey as it is for those who might just have those last few stubborn pounds to lose.
In case you’re still not sure, we’ll put our opinion of 4 Cycle Solution in a nutshell; we LOVE it! Well done Shaun!

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